Author: Dr.Swarnamalya Ganesh

To Roam and a Mind of one’s own- A 21st century woman’s reading of “A Room of one’s own”

Tweet Virginia Wolf famously said, women need a room of their own and money in order to be able to write. Dr. Swarnamalya revisits this need in the 21st century to ask if women who have a reasonable access to a room and some money, need something else today. What can the middle class woman […]

Aesthetic value in Bharatanatyam and Carnatic practices – Ethical or intimidating?- asking from The ATTIC

Tweet Aesthetic value in Classical Arts- ethical or intimidating ?         The dance and music season is a time to soak in culture. But often one has to ask whose culture or what culture it is. To me as a practitioner, and hence an insider, this season has been about reflection on […]

Disrespecting the Devadasi- Remove the Stigma from the name

Tweet Following Carnatic singer TM Krishna’s recent comments about the Tamil Brahmin community’s social acceptance of MS Subbalaksmi, another debate has opened up on a different trajectory. The debate is not about MS Amma, but of how we perceive, imagine and discuss the past lives and present condition of Devadasis and their families. Some Carnatic […]

Inclusive Attic- Dance History enshrined and decoded- Bharatanrityam and Bharatanatyam

Tweet THIS ARTICLE IS AS PUBLISHED IN NARTANAM- A dance magazine (Oct-Dec 2015 Issue. Find the link to the original article below) Dance History enshrined and decoded- Bharatanrityam and Bharatanatyam In any living tradition, a continuous study and analysis of movement practice is required. Bharata’s Natya Sastra, the extant work on dramaturgy engages in theorizing […]

What’s in a Name? Renaming Sadir as Bharatanatyam (Moving memories From The Attic)

Tweet Dear Friends, Here is my article originally published in the India International Center Quarterly Autumn Journal 2015. Happy to share it here for my readers.  RENAMING SADIR AS BHARATANATYAM What is in a Name? By Swarnamalya Ganesh The typical perceptions of a ‘perfect’ middle-class or upper-middle-class Indian girl today include, apart from her […]

Celebrating a golden moment at the Attic- Performing the “True story”- ritual dance of the Tamil country

Tweet Performing the “true story”- ritual dance of the Tamil country Dr. Swarnamalya Ganesh I am sharing this essay I had written this year specially for the Jubilee celebrations of the Melattur Bhagavata Mela Natakam’s souvenir. It has been published in the souvenir, but for all my wordpress readers, here is the article along with […]

Writings on The Attic: Writings as operations of (dis) enfranchisement, investigating manuscripts and choreographer’s notes between 16th-19th centuries. Advantages and problems in reconstructing from the papers

Tweet As this was an article I wrote exclusively for the SDHS (Society of Dance History Scholars) convention and has been published by them, I am herewith providing the link to the PDF of the article. Please click the link below to access the article. I would value your comments. Ganesh_sdhs2 Tweet

The attic was no “ivory tower”- Notions of “Classical” in Bharatanatyam

Tweet Notions of “classical” in Bharatanatyam: a cultural operation of the classes – arguments of the cosmopolitan Margi and indigenous Desi, repertoires of the Nayak period – Dr. Swarnamalya Ganesh e-mail: India’s greatest wealth, development and civilisation have been stirred by its political and cultural processes (Talbot, 2006). In turn, the political agendas have […]