Staring into the depth of the faces at the Attic

Tweet In South India one cannot ever talk of sculptures or paintings without speaking of the Cholas! They are the holy grail of South Indian fine arts. No doubt. But often we will hear modern scholars eulogize chola art by comparing them to the later works of art like that of the Nayaks or Marattas. […]

Covenant with the Attic

Tweet He was the most illustrious of his dynasty. The moment we hear his name our minds will wander to the temple city of the South- MaduraiĀ  He ruled from Madurai between 1623-59. This mighty king was not just a great ruler but also a very keen connoisseur of the various arts. It was in […]

Soul searching at the Attic !

Tweet Dear all, Well in the middle of the season we are. I have had a good month, except that I have had to make a few very important re schedules. But I believe that everything happens for a reason. This time I choose to talk about a very important tradition that had changed my […]

Some hues on the Attic

Tweet The Tanjore quartette in the Big temple Painting The Tanjore big temple was a seat of learning, particularly music and dance. From the time of Rajaraja II this temple premises was brimming with artictic learning and activities. The times of the Nayak rulers consolidated this and the last ruling dyansty of Tanjore, namely the […]